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Millions of exhausted people drag themselves out of bed each morning to face another day. Their needs are simple: they just want to feel better, look younger, have more energy and live longer.

Sunbright contains phytonutrients used to boost energy and help people feel their absolute best. It is also rich in the amino acid complex used by the body to stimulate the release of growth hormone, a substance for optimal cellular regeneration and rejuvenation.

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“How?”, you ask . . .

By body wrapping with these easy to use “Do-it-yourself” Body Wrap Kits.

Herbal Body Wrap is easy to use and extremely effective. This balanced blend of 23 herbs and minerals was originally developed to help cleanse the skin. However, people started to notice a side benefit, they were losing inches.

Then you can decide if our easy to use “Do-it-yourself” Herbal Body Wrap Kits are for you.

Wrap Your Way to a Beautiful Body

For thousands of year body Wraps have been used to “cleanse, detoxify, and beautify” the body. Today, more people than ever are enjoying the exhilarating benefits of Body Wraps. Unfortunately, body wraps are generally available only at expensive spas or salons. These “luxurious pamperings” can cost upwards of $100.

The Life Force Herbal Wrap is an all-natural combination of twenty-seven herbs and minerals, and is scientifically formulated to cleanse, purify and effectively reduce inches from the body. And the best part is that you can do it yourself at your own convenience, at a fraction of the cost you would spend at the spa!

How Does It Work?

Herbal Body Wrap works because of our proprietary formula of twenty-seven selected minerals and herbs, including Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is legendary and scientifically proven, for being incredibly beneficial to human skin. After properly preparing the mixture the Aloe Vera helps to carry the other ingredients deep through the pores of the skin.

By shrinking fatty cells, and stimulating them to release lipids (fatty substances), toxins are naturally secreted out of the body through various elimination channels, including the skin itself.

Clinically tested, Herbal Body Wrap is safe and effective. More importantly, this amazing product has been used over a decade by thousands of our customers, here and in the Orient.

Pamper Yourself… We’ll Show You How

Herbal Body Wrap comes with a detailed, easy-to-read Instruction Guide, which contains a measurement chart to document actual inch loss.

Also available is an instructional video. This 20-minute tutorial shows you exactly how to prepare the mixture and how to apply the wrap.

In those instances when you don’t have the time for a complete body wrap, you can realize significant benefits by simply preparing an herbal bath for yourself. It only takes 30-60 minutes and is an ideal and luxurious treat at the end of a busy day.

As with any health regimen, continued application will yield greater results. The recommended regimen for Herbal Body Wrap is to apply a series of four to six body wraps anywhere from four to seven days apart. This promotes total cleansing.

The Amazing Absorption Qualities of Skin

Did you know that human skin is amazingly absorbent? In fact, it is so absorbent that it is used as the preferred delivery pathway for many medications. Even nutritional components can be delivered via skin creams, etc. This is especially true when the skin is warmed, as when you apply Herbal Body Wrap.

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